Awa films

Founded in 2001, Awa Films is spearheading a unique New Zealand voice that resonates internationally.

From the successful and original concept of Songs From The Inside; to the visually exquisite historical arts series Behind The Brush; or the critically acclaimed documentary war drama, Turangarerere: The Story of Flying Officer, John Pohe; its stories and its people are fiercely committed to unprecedented storytelling.

Company director, Julian Arahanga has 20 years experience in the film and television industry and has worked on a range of productions with some of the world's most influential filmmakers.

But it is his firm sense of values based in the strength of Māori protocols and ideologies that has allowed Awa Films to push boundaries well beyond the norm with integrity.

This is most recently evident in the fact that regardless of its huge success, a second season of Songs From The Inside was never a given.

"You can't work on a kaupapa like this without being forced into your own soul searching. If it took advantage, if it turned human struggles into entertainment, we wouldn't do it. In the end, overwhelming public feedback decided.

But if we were going to move forward, we would raise the bar."

Julian Arahanga, Director

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Awa Films has been expanding into all visual and audio mediums, creating and managing diverse projects across the entire corporate, private and public spectrums.

From client to specialist crews and production teams, all are left in no doubt they have been part of something special.

"Working with Awa Films means being mentally and emotionally challenged beyond your comfort zone. Julian Arahanga has an X-Ray lens attached permanently to his eye and wired straight to his heart. He sees and feels what others miss and his technicals are as exacting as his values."

Maramena Roderick, Executive Producer