Student thoughts

Student thoughts

"I compromised my children’s lives. My wrong choices put them in a situation and hole that I couldn’t crawl out of. My children are my victims and I didn’t stop it."

Fiona, Series Two

"Freedom, it ain't on the other side of those concrete brick walls or those cages. It's found inside of us. It's a choice. I'm thirty something years old and just realising now it's a choice. I found it and the truth is I found it in jail."

Tama, Series One

"The most courageous thing that I ever, ever did was, forgive. "

Ruth, Series Two

"If you fall out of an airplane it might be nice to write about it if you survive. But it's pretty hard to write while you're falling."

Roger, Series Two

"We had to write something about feelings. I said I've got none. I survive my lag because I numb everything. To write my song, I had to open up. The penny really dropped for me"

Lina, Series One

"There's a lot of lost souls in here cause you lose your spirit when you walk into this place. Music helped us. We found our souls again."

Lops, Series Two

"The only time I seem to be able to make the whole world happy and forget the terrible things I've done is when I sing."

Angela, Series Two

"I've never cried in prison. I've always hidden it. But I couldn't contain it. I've never achieved anything in my life. This was the first."

Mo, Series One

"Once you're aware of your character flaws, then you're able to work on them.

Change is hard. Change is life."

Caroline, Series Two

"In the end it all made sense. Even some of the boys in the unit were saying:

'Man, you're shining'."

Kurt, Series Two

"In my four years, I've never finished a programme, not even counselling.

This was the first, the biggest and the hardest."

Abi, Series Two